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      Education Authority Music Service Covid-19 Update


Following school closures on 20 March 2020, the Music Service temporarily suspended all music lessons, ensembles, and concerts, and closed our EA regional offices. Regular communication links with schools and parents were therefore restricted.


Our EA website was updated https://www.eani.org.uk/services/music-service offering schools and parents contact with Music Service staff, together with links to additional online learning resources.


Please be advised that our first priority, when it is safe to return to operational status, will be to issue refunds to schools and parents for any shortfall of Music Service delivery for the academic year 2019 -20, depending on how the payment was initially made.  We will contact you as soon as facilities for refunds are in place.


Recognising the ongoing restrictions, over the last number of weeks the Music Service has been working closely with our colleagues in C2K and Child Protection Support Service to develop a programme for online learning in order to best prepare for a blended approach in September.


The Music Service is continually monitoring the situation relating to the impact of the Coronavirus and are following official guidance given by the Education Authority. We will keep in contact with our schools and families by e-mail and SMS on any changes to planned activities.


Please visit Contact Staff link on this page if you would like to contact your child’s tutor with any queries or guidance for tuition. Communication with the Music Service staff is available until Friday 3 July 2020.


We appreciate your patience during this period and I will be in contact with schools and parents about future Music Service arrangements, in line with official EA Education Restart Guidance.


Please encourage your son/daughter to engage with music making, as much as possible over the summer months and continue to check EA website for updates.


Thank you for your continued support,

Anne Bergin, Deputy Head of Music


EA Western Region Music Service


      KEY AIM

To provide all children and young people, whatever their background and wherever they live, with the opportunity to avail of a musical education of the highest quality.


  The Music Service has translated its vision into a number of strategic goals. These goals are key outcomes and deliverables for Music Service customers and partners. They outline what the Service aims to achieve, namely to:

  • provide access and inclusion for every child to the world of music making;
  • provide relevant, effective and accessible progression routes for children and young people into the world of music and the creative industries;
  • establish agreed priorities to engage with the majority of children in the western region area;
  • expand current Music Service provision catering for the musical needs of ALL pupils


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